Human Resources Management

Our contribution in human resources:

Costs reduce: companies would avoid hiring one or more professionals with internal human talent.

Facilitates decision-making: the right information allows you to make better decisions, we offer specialized advice in human resources management focused on your need.

Reduces the risk of labor disputes: expert professionals in the field at your disposal to guide and represent you.

Facilitates the selection of personnel: recruit qualified personnel for the different positions of the company.

Improves productivity: through proper Human Resources Management, you will achieve a solid employee-employer relationship that positively impacts your staff.

  • Labor legal advice
  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Income and expenses
  • Work termination
  • Calculation of labor benefits
  • Reports to the Ministry of Labor
  • Social Security Treasury and INFOTEP
  • Recruitment and staff selection
  • Induction process design
  • Compensation and Benefits Structure
  • Litigation

Real estate consultancy


Pending trends in the real estate market in Greater Santo Domingo. If you need a premises, office or some other property, we advise you in the identification, negotiation and acquisition process, including the legal procedures of a new property.

Real estate adjudication process, properties at a reasonable price below the market price. Conditioning of properties once the transaction is closed, if necessary.

Legal advice

Our services include advice to companies in Labor, Civil, Commercial matters, with highly qualified litigation personnel. The goal is to offer a quality service with professionalism and adherence to the laws, to achieve the satisfaction of our clients.

In collaboration with "Fundación de Asistencia Jurídica Popular (FUNAJUP)", we offer services to individuals in Criminal, Human Rights, Constitutional and International Law matters..

Economic and strategic analysis

We offer companies in-depth analysis of the economies of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and of the international situation, to help position their business in a rapidly evolving economic context.

For governments and international organizations, we offer short-term consultancies on macroeconomics and public finances at the national and international level, specializing in the management of the treasury and monetary operations. Ask us about the countries where we have the experience to advise.

For investors, also available for country risk assessments.